Like that of the toes of a missing leg, oil, spray paint, wool, fur, wood, 9x5x4 inches, 2014

At first an occasion rather than a friend, oil, pastel, fur and wood on wood, 6x6x3 inches, 2014

He made of it a noble lament, oil, spray paint, paper, wood, 5x4x4 inches, 2014

Art like nature has her monsters, oil and spray paint on wood, 10x5x4 inches, 2014

if everyone's to start biting, life won't be worth living, oil, fur, wood on paper and wood, 10x10x3 inches, 2014

Perhaps one should never put one's worship into words, acrylic, oil, resin, wood on paper and wood, 6x6x4 inches, 2014

Beautiful sins like beautiful things are a privilege of the rich, oil, spray paint, wood, paper, 7x5x4 inches, 2014

Easygoing in manner, sentimental but shrewd, acrylic, oil, sawdust and wood on wood, 6x9x3 inches, 2014

I cannot feel this tragedy as much as I want to, oil, cotton, wood, 7x5x4 inches, 2014

Sudden unhappines was hurt vanity, oil, felt, wood, 7x7x3 inches, 2014

Life and a pretend life, oil on rubber and wood, 9x9x4 inches, 2014

Her skin is creased by the grass, oil, spray paint, fur and wood on wood, 5x7x3 inches, 2014

As if I hawked up the beautiful parts of my soul, oil, metal, walnut, mink on paper and wood, 6x8x3 inches, 2014

In the sadness of bourgeois surroundings, acrylic, oil on paper and wood, 8x9 inches, 2013